#VantagePoint Project

I was contacted by Light.co recently and asked about my favourite place I have photographed, to be included in their #VantagePoint project. Now this was a pretty hard call to make, as I have travelled to so many beautiful locations, each special in their own way. After going through a back catalog of travel photos, I finally choose this photo of central Hong Kong.


I choose this photo, because it has a very different feel to day time Hong Kong. Hong Kong is densely populated and during the day you are constantly walking through a sea of people, weather it be on the street, or in their metro system, the hustle of people reminds me a little of Manhattan, but on a bigger scale.

At night the city calms down somewhat, I photographed this part of Hong Kong from a bridge using a slow shutter speed, to get some nice light trails. I used a canon 5D mark 3 with a 24-70mm lens, with my camera on a tripod to obtain a slow shutter speed.

Hong Kong is known for their impressive skyline, so I wanted to make sure I added some of their tall buildings in the photo. If you haven’t yet been to Hong Kong, I highly recommend it, it’s an incredibly photogenic place, both offering a modern side in the centre and a grittier side on the outskirts.

You can see more photos of Hong Kong on my website www.nylasammons.com


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