Last month I traveled to Bogota in Colombia to photograph a children’s charity to document underprivileged children who have been affected by poverty, civil war and drugs. These children were given hope when the founder, Mama Esperanza of charity Fundacion Colombia Chiquita opened her arms to let them in.

The children I met were in high spirits and full of character, you could see this reflected in the care and love they were given. Of course they are not like this everyday and they have to deal with the hardship they are living with, but this is where Mama Esperanza (Mama Hope) along with her volunteers does there very best in helping and nurturing these children.

I was very happy that The Independent published the story of ‘Children of Hope’ and published my photos. You can see the magazine article below and this is the link to the website article –

The Indepdent - 1

The Indepdent - 2

The Indepdent - 3

Images: Taken in the home of the charity and the street outside:






(The Founder Mama Hope in the middle with the pink dress).

A humbling experience to be surrounded by Mama Hope and the children, to hear their unfortunate stories and be surrounded by their love and affection after pulling through such difficult circumstances.




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