Kiko Matthews: World Record Breaker


Kiko Matthews is one Badass of a woman and an absolute inspiration, she recently proved how you can overcome a life-threating illness and live life to the fullest which entails great challenges.

Kiko survived a rare life-threating condition called Cushings disease, diagnosed in 2009, caused by a tumour on the pituitary gland. It was a long and hard battle to get better and thankfully she came out on the other end smiling thanks to the treatment received from Kings College hospital.

Most people would have given their doctors a bunch of flowers and chocolates, but not Kiko. She set a target to raise £100,000 for Kings College hospital and the challenge would be to row the Atlantic solo and become the fastest female to row the Atlantic.

On the 22nd March 2018, Kiko Matthews made history and indeed broke the world record and become the fastest woman to row across the Atlantic ocean solo and unsupported. We are all extremely proud and word has it she is already training for  another challenge.

I had the privilege of photographing Kiko, before her challenge began, there are some more photos on my website, which you can see here – 

You can read more of Kiko’s story on her website –


My Thoughts on the Canon 5D mark IV

Nyla Sammons

As a loyal Canon user, it’s a no-brainer that I would look to upgrade my camera from a 5D Mark III to the Mark IV which came out last year. I tested out the Mark IV on a recent sports photoshoot. Have a read of what I thought on the Fixation blog –


6 Hours 6 Faces in Croatia


I visited Dubrovnik, in Croatia earlier this year and continued my personal project: ‘6 hours, 6 faces’ whereby I take portraits of six people that best sum up the city / county I’m visiting.

I found Dubrovnik to be a fascinating city to be in, there’s a lot of culture and history as well as being incredibly beautiful, Dubrovnik overlooks the blue waters of the Adriatic sea, which alone is pretty dam special. I enjoyed meeting the locals and getting to know their culture alongside visiting the attractions such as the medieval city walls, offering beautiful views of the sea and the old town (the photo above was taken from walking the walls).

Dubrovnik people -1

We did a tour of one of the other islands and before we sailed off I was able to take a portrait of the captain of the ship, while he proudly showed his guests the mussels they would all be eating later on that day for lunch.

Dubrovnik people -2

While on the beach, I headed on over to speak to the guy selling fizzy drinks, while my friend sunbathed. We spoke about how quiet it was on the beach this time of the year (May) and how he traveled from Bosnia for work here, working only seven months out of the year when tourism goes into force. His T-Shirt shows his positive attitude to his situation, saying that he didn’t mind, that way he could spend the remaining months in Bosnia with his family.

Dubrovnik people -3

This lady is the mother of the captain, part of the excursion we were on, included having lunch at the Captain’s mothers house, we were treated to a traditional Croatian meal, washed down with a lot of wine. Although she didn’t speak English very well, she was very welcoming to all guests and delighted that we would all dine with her.

Dubrovnik people -5

I met this older gentleman while walking towards the forest, he said he was a retired tree surgeon, and nowadays he picks up tree bar, this is one of my favourite photos from that day.

Dubrovnik people -6

I met this guy on his boat, as I walked along the pier, another friendly local I got speaking to.

Dubrovnik people -4

Last but not least this is Marta, she was one of our tour guides on the boat, Marta along with the other tour guide, were incredibly fun to hang out with and accommodating to all guests, sending a HUGE thanks her way for such a great trip exploring the islands!

Keep an eye out for the next place I visit…

Alzheimer’s Research UK

It was great to work with the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK and creative agency Aardman to photograph celebrity Rachael Riley, who is also a brand ambassador for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The photos were for their recent advertising campaign for The Mighty Quiz, a great way to raise money to help the charity fund the best research that will take us closer to effective diagnostics, preventions and treatments for dementia.

The photos featured on their website:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 17.50.30.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 17.51.58.png

#VantagePoint Project

I was contacted by recently and asked about my favourite place I have photographed, to be included in their #VantagePoint project. Now this was a pretty hard call to make, as I have travelled to so many beautiful locations, each special in their own way. After going through a back catalog of travel photos, I finally choose this photo of central Hong Kong.


I choose this photo, because it has a very different feel to day time Hong Kong. Hong Kong is densely populated and during the day you are constantly walking through a sea of people, weather it be on the street, or in their metro system, the hustle of people reminds me a little of Manhattan, but on a bigger scale.

At night the city calms down somewhat, I photographed this part of Hong Kong from a bridge using a slow shutter speed, to get some nice light trails. I used a canon 5D mark 3 with a 24-70mm lens, with my camera on a tripod to obtain a slow shutter speed.

Hong Kong is known for their impressive skyline, so I wanted to make sure I added some of their tall buildings in the photo. If you haven’t yet been to Hong Kong, I highly recommend it, it’s an incredibly photogenic place, both offering a modern side in the centre and a grittier side on the outskirts.

You can see more photos of Hong Kong on my website


Before last month it had been 12 years since I had last been back to New York city, and that’s mainly because when I go to book a holiday I want it to be somewhere new to explore. I have so much love for New York and was very happy to be visiting again after such a long time. I stayed in Brooklyn this time round instead of Manhattan, as I wanted to get a feel of more living like a local instead of running around the city like a tourist.

I could talk a lot about the city and what new things I came across, but being a portrait photographer I’m going to focus on the people I met. The first couple of days I spent exploring Manhattan and yes I did find some of the New Yorkers quite unfriendly and always in a rush, some may say it’s similar to Central London and they would be right. Thankfully I started the ‘six hours, six faces’ project – where I take portraits of six people that best sum up the city I’m visiting, in Brooklyn, where it’s a slower paste and you encounter more locals than tourists.


I met this guy in a park in Brooklyn, where he was on a break from work with his colleague. What you can’t fully read behind the guy is the words ‘ Live your dream’ when he opened his arms, that best summed up what I was feeling at that moment.


This is Zak, a friend of a friend. the photoshoot included endless laughter and silliness, photographed in Wiliamsburg.


This is Neil, my cousin who I visited the day before (it had also been 12 years since I last saw him), he was a kid back then. Now a husband and man with his own business, which he enjoyed immensely. It was great to see how great his life had turned out, there’s no better feeling than seeing your loved ones do well in life.


This is Durier, who I met a few days earlier and was happy to be photographed and be a part of the portrait series, this ranked high in one of my favourite portrait sessions in New York, because of how much fun we had. For a living he’s a TV producer, which means he’s use to directing all day. On that day, I got to direct him, which he found mildly entertaining.  Photographed in Soho.


This gentleman I photographed while I was in downtown Manhattan, he was reluctant at first to have his portrait taken, however I think I won him over, he gave me less than a minute to photograph him before he got back to work.


I met this police office while I was waiting for someone in Manhattan, he was on a coffee break (I will leave it at that). He was very friendly and I would have liked to carry on talking to him, but as I mentioned before everyone in Manhattan is always in a rush (he did have a good excuse after all).

I look forward to the next city I come across and the new faces I meet there. Until next time.

Tears and Fears in New York

Earlier this month, I traveled to New York, only a week after the results of the US election and the announcement of Donald Trump elected as president. When the news broke in London, there was a state of real shock in the air, newspaper headlines haunting and sadness in peoples eyes. We had not long ago experienced our own devastating news of Brexit, and what that meant for our Country. My heart went out to those Americans who were angry and saddened by the news, and seeing it with my own eyes when in New York, conjured up more emotion.

I have been to New York, three times before and this time, I wanted to immerse myself in the history and culture of New York, and really getting to know what New Yorkers are all about. Which led me down the path of going on walking tours. It was the walking tour of Soho, Noho, Little Italy and China Town, that I met tour guide Rachel McKinney, at the end of the tour we got talking about New Yorker’s, where she so kindly shared with me an article she was working on, which entailed stories from New Yorkers on how the election had affected them. Needless to say it brought tears to my eyes, and I felt it needed to be shared with a bigger audience. I got in touch with my friend from The Independent back in London to get her thoughts, thankfully my friend felt as strongly as me, I worked with Rachel for a day meeting the brave people that were willing to share their story and I took their portraits to go alongside their story for The Independent. Which was published today.


You can see the portraits below and read the full article by clicking on this link –

It’s important now, more than ever that we unite, believe we can still make a difference and be kind, we are all dealing with struggles in life, weather it be at work or relationships. Lets celebrate cultural differences and take the time to learn what makes each of us so unique and special.







Last month I traveled to Bogota in Colombia to photograph a children’s charity to document underprivileged children who have been affected by poverty, civil war and drugs. These children were given hope when the founder, Mama Esperanza of charity Fundacion Colombia Chiquita opened her arms to let them in.

The children I met were in high spirits and full of character, you could see this reflected in the care and love they were given. Of course they are not like this everyday and they have to deal with the hardship they are living with, but this is where Mama Esperanza (Mama Hope) along with her volunteers does there very best in helping and nurturing these children.

I was very happy that The Independent published the story of ‘Children of Hope’ and published my photos. You can see the magazine article below and this is the link to the website article –

The Indepdent - 1

The Indepdent - 2

The Indepdent - 3

Images: Taken in the home of the charity and the street outside:






(The Founder Mama Hope in the middle with the pink dress).

A humbling experience to be surrounded by Mama Hope and the children, to hear their unfortunate stories and be surrounded by their love and affection after pulling through such difficult circumstances.



Xinx Sports Photoshoot

I recently had the pleasure of working with a great sports brand, Xinx with a brand vision to create an activewear brand which extends beyond the mat. All of their products are created using the highest quality performance fabrics to ensure maximum comfort against your skin when working out and working up a sweat.

It was a full on day, photographing in three locations, a warehouse, a gym and the ever so gorgeous Primrose Hill, although a jam packed day, it was great fun with a good team and models from W Model Management.

Below are some of the images captured on the day.




To see more image, visit my website here:

The imagery on the Xinx Website

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 19.16.42

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 19.16.25

 Xinx opened up their first London pop-up shop, showcasing the new SS16 collection on 18th May and will be open until the 30th May, they are also running complimentary exercise and yoga classes. (Address: 79-81 Ledbury road, Notting Hill). If you have time, head on down.


A special thanks goes to the team that helped me put this photoshoot together:

Make up artist: Babs Forman | Hair and Make up: Bex Palmer | Stylist: Fabienne | PR: Francesca Gamble | Assistant: Paul Johnson

Lifestyle Photography





Some lifestyle photos taken recently, the apartment was very quirky, when I searched online for locations and found this place, I then tailored the styling around each room with stylist Boonya. It’s important when photographing lifestyle you have a great team on board who has the same vision as yourself, and because of this, it was an enjoyable photoshoot. You can see more of my lifestyle photos on my website:

Make up artist: Babs Forman | Stylist: Boonya Rodpunyar | Assistant: Paul Johnson

Some Behind the scenes photos (taken by Paul Johnson)


BTS - 2-1